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What you are struggling with?

Anxiety and panic attacks

Being anxious is like living on a fast lane, with everything speeding, thoughts , feelings, heartbeat, breathing. until escalates to panic attacks… long term it increases risks for your physical health as well as the cost to your emotional well-being

I can help you find way to slow down to a healthier, calmer pace, developing ways to express difficult emotions and be at peace with your life.


The opposite of anxiety, but very often closely related and experienced at the same time. You can feel heaviness, lack of meaning and motivation. It can also manifest as irritability and lack of concentration.

Through counselling you can make sense of the experiences and develop resilience and stamina to go through the challenge of recovering your health, in a shorter period of time.


If you find yourself in difficulties with family members, co-workers, partner and children, counselling can help to identify the patterns and make changes to bring more stabilisation and satisfaction in relationships. You can learn more about your boundaries and what you need and want from your relationships.

Body image issues

Living in increasingly visual society, where we are constantly looking and being looked at, and many times comparing ourselves to others. I have found this can have a very detrimental effect on our emotional health. 

I can support you to deal with issues related to body image, developing self-care and self-love independent of what is imposed from external sources.

Low self-esteem

Suffering with low-self-esteem affects all areas of your life. With the warmth, empathy and the unconditional acceptance in counselling, you can overcome the past hurt where it originated and live a more fulfilling life from now on.

Feelings of shame, self-sabotage and all the other dangerous behaviour, can have a connection with low self-esteem.


I understand the impact and risk involved in addictive behaviour. I also understand that you used the best possible ways to cope with your life at certain points. I can help you develop healthier ways to be with yourself and your difficult experiences avoiding the patterns that can cause harm to yourself and others.

Psychiatric diagnosis

I have experience working with serious mental health issues both in private practice and mental health services. I am familiar with crisis and breakdown processes and have resources to work with people undergoing psychiatric treatment. 

Being a foreigner, relating to one...

I am Brazilian, living in the UK since 2005. I have professional experience working with cultural diversity, multi / intercultural families and the emotional impact of immigration. I speak fluent English and Portuguese.

Areas of counselling I deal with

What you can achieve from counselling

You can find the resources you need to face challenges, to experience more satisfying, trusting relationships, to overcome the limitations and pain you are experiencing and make lasting changes.

Being an alternative space to your ordinary life, it has the purpose of supplying the emotional nurturing to help you reach a new level of development towards a healthy, happy life.

How to get started?



£80 per session

I offer low cost counselling , please get in touch to check if there is availability. 

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